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Sue Carson Saddles have been manufacturing, retailing and fitting top quality, made to measure saddles in the UK and Ireland for over 20 years. We have a dedicated, countrywide team of saddle fitters, all of whom are accomplished and experienced riders and fitters. Whatever your discipline and level, we can make the perfect saddle for you and your horse and support this on an ongoing basis.

We provide a professional saddle fitting service that is second to none. An initial saddle fitting lasts three hours, ensuring your horse is fully assessed and any veterinary and training issues are discussed. Where required, we will also work with your physio, trainer and/or team.

Now we have your horse’s requirements, it’s your turn! On site you get to test different seats, panels, blocks and designs, look at a variety of colours, materials and unique features and even sit on a combination of flair and flocked saddles to see which you prefer. The combined requirements of you and your horse are used to create your own unique saddle.

Beverley says

Since using Sue Carson saddles I am sitting in a much better and effective position as each saddle is individually fitted to the rider.

The saddle is also set-up for each horse according to their shape and way of going and all of them feel much freer in their movement especially my old Grand Prix horse whose extended trot had gradually disappeared has now come back again.
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