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Bev Beverley Brightman Dressage Crackerjack
At the age of 7 Beverley went to Burghley Three Day event to meet her uncle who was fence judging. She sat watching horse after horse jump this enormous fence and announced to her father she was going to compete there one day. Her father suggested that maybe she ought to learn to ride first! She had one lesson a week at the local riding school and when she was 10 her first pony called Crackerjack was purchased for the princely sum of £210.’ He lived in the field with the cattle and I hacked to my first show wearing an anorak!’

Bev Beverley Brightman Dressage Today Tonite
Beverley spent the next 10 years competing in Pony Club, Riding club and showing. When Beverley was 20 she started City Farm Stables and bought a 5 year old mare called City Spring Venture and began eventing. The success Beverley had with ‘Dolly’ brought owners with other horses for her to ride and also sponsors. In 1993 at the age of 30 Beverley achieved her ambition and rode round Burghley Three Day Event clear, on Today Tonite.

In 1995 this same horse that had been clear round most advanced events in the country tripped over and fell on top of her, breaking her back, splitting her liver in half, flooding her lungs and banging her head. A year later Beverley started riding again and took up the sport of dressage. She started her Grand Prix career on Master Doruto, who was on loan from Delia Cunningham as a schoolmaster. The knowledge she gained from him then allowed her to train her other horses and pupils. At first everyone called me an ‘ex event rider’ but I think now after over 20 years in the sport I am well and truly a Dressage Rider!’

Bev Beverley Brightman Dressage Arlequin - Tom
Bev Beverley Brightman Dressage Master Doruto

Bev Beverley Brightman Dressage Beverley with her parents

Bev Beverley Brightman Dressage Arena Mirrors

Beverley Brightman Dressage Training from Beginner to Grand Prix Rider
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